Our Spa name is inspired by the luxury lifestyle as we represent the finest selection of treatments from the world's best known Spa brands.

The creation of spa facilities is the result of an imperative need for relaxation and preventive treatment as well, because of the modern, demanding way of life, which is full of anxiety and stress.

For us, the concept of well – being and treatment constitute a part of a holistic approach, emphasizing on the individual care of every guest, in a peaceful environment of warmth. Every guest is equally important and we do the best we can to take care of them. We are interested in thoroughly examining the health condition of every guest, thus building long – lasting relationships and friendships, on our way to well – being.

We adopt the holistic approach of Hippocrates (balance among the body, the spirit and the soul) of the beauty, well – being and health, which combined with scientific knowledge, supports and reinforces the effectiveness of the nature.

Our ambition is that our guests leave our premises rejuvenated, feeling healthier and more lively than ever. The Glam Spa is more than anything else a life experience. Once you experience it, you will remember it forever and you will want to enjoy it over and over again!

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