Our goal is to exceed the ultimate satisfaction of our spa guests and to create an “identity” connected to our name. Not only our way of communication and our customer service but also our infrastructure and our organization are entirely connected with all the issues that raise and can be completely solved.

Most spa businesses achieve the desirable financial and mostly qualitative goals they have set, thanks to a correct organization and spa management, as to the training techniques that are offered to the executives of the rest of the hotel complex where it belongs.
By becoming a guest in the Glam Spa you will be satisfied with our high grade spa management, as well as a variety of extra benefits:

  • We are specialized in the spa field within hotels

  • Most of our company executives come from the hotel industry and have a multiannual experience in the field of well – being and spa

  • We offer high quality spa services to our guests

  • We guarantee consistency and appliance with all our deals

  • We create teams of highly trained employees

  • We reassure you that you will be treated as if you were our only guest

  • We use world – renowned brand products

 Generally, we create customized spa concepts for your individual needs. These concepts have been created with the aim to satisfy and improve ultimately our guest’s experience. We try to diversify and find ways to add more value to our services, from our five - star hotel facilities to our smaller spas in boutiques and city hotels.

Yours sincerely,

Development director 

Andreas Athanasiades

+357  99677010

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